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New trash cans rolling out in Whiteville

Garbage cans won’t look quite so trashy in Whiteville after this week.

City Manager Darren Currie said the city’s solid waste contractor, Waste Management, is replacing the city’s roll out garbage containers this week. The change will take place during the regular garbage pickup, Currie said.

“They should have a truck with the new ones following the garbage truck,” Currie said. “If it is not immediately behind the truck picking up the trash, it won’t be far behind. We’re trying to make this as seamless as possible, so none of our customers will be without a trash can for any length of time.”

Currie said the new cans are being provided as part of the contract with Waste Management. A number of the cans are several years old, and have become worn with time and use.

“The new cans were built into the contract, and don’t cost the taxpayers anything extra,” Currie said.

The trash can exchange will also help the city get a more accurate count of how many households are served, as well as how many trash customers the city actually serves, as opposed to being on the books.

“We expect to pick up a few spare cans here and there,” he said. “We’re very willing to supply any address with an extra rollout, but they will also need to pay for that extra can.”

Creating an updated inventory of the number of cans vs. customers will also help the city ensure the contractor is billing the city properly, Currie said.

“If we are paying for 1,000 cans, we need to have 1,000 customers being served,” Currie said. “This will help us reconcile our invoice with Waste Management, as well as providing better looking equipment for the city. It’s good on all accounts.”

The exchange will begin with regular garbage collection the week of July 10th.

By Jefferson Weaver, Staff Writer - The News Reporter

Stuart Rogers