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"Brunch Bill" passes with little comment

By: Jeff Weaver, The News Reporter

With little fanfare or discussion, the Whiteville Council Tuesday added the city to the growing number of communities allowing Sunday morning sales of alcohol.

The “Brunch Bill” was signed into law this summer by the governor. It allows municipalities to pass local ordinances allowing Sunday alcohol sales to start at 10 a.m., rather than noon.

City Manager Darren Currieexplained that while the law was primarily aimed at helping resort communities, many other municipalities have taken advantage of the Brunch Bill.

“We do have several restaurants in town that could benefit,” he said, noting that the owners of The Chef and The Frog in downtown Whiteville asked that the city adopt the measure.

Councilman Robert Leder asked if grocery stores and other retailers that offer alcohol for off-premise consumption would be able to make the earlier sales. City Attorney Carlton Williamson said the law includes retailers.

Leder made the motion to adopt the ordinance, with Councilwoman Vickie Pait offering a second. Councilman Harold Troy cast the sole dissenting vote.



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