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Public Announcement: Award of Golden Leaf Funds to the City of Whiteville

Golden LEAF Board of Directors voted to provide disaster recovery grant funding to the City of Whiteville

Today, the Golden LEAF Board of Directors voted to provide $636,500.00 in disaster recovery grant funding to the City of Whiteville. The following projects were approved; $236,500 was approved for equipment replacement/disaster recovery, Golden LEAF grant funds were  requested to replace a generator, three police cars, and two public works vehicles damaged as a result of Hurricane Matthew.

 $400,000 was approved for Downtown Municipal Service District Stormwater Improvements. A recently completed stormwater study identified several chokepoints in downtown Whiteville. Golden LEAF disaster recovery grant funds will be used to improve the stormwater infrastructure in the Downtown Municipal Service District to reduce frequent flooding. The stormwater study that identified these choke points was conducted using previous Golden Leaf funds in the amount of $150,0000.00

After Hurricane Matthew The North Carolina General Assembly responded with two pieces of legislation to support disaster recovery that included a total of $55 million appropriated to the Golden LEAF Foundation. The Foundation was asked to process applications and distribute disaster relief funding to qualified grantees quickly and efficiently without duplicating the efforts of other funding resources.

City Manager Darren Currie stated, β€œOn behalf of The City of Whiteville, I would like to thank the Golden LEAF Foundation and our Legislative Delegation, Brenden Jones and Danny Britt, Jr. for their assistance.”

For more information contact Hal Lowder, Safety & Risk Management Officer. 910-640-1380


Bonnie Williams