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Press Release: Prohibited Tobacco Use and Smoking in City Buildings and Vehicles

For Immediate Release

Prohibited Tobacco Use and Smoking in City Buildings and Vehicles

Whiteville, North Carolina – The City of Whiteville announces that on April 23, 2019, the City Council voted (5-1) to adopt a City Ordinance (32.01-05; 32.99) prohibiting tobacco use and smoking (including E-Cigarettes) in city buildings and vehicles and on city owned properties. This Ordinance became effective immediately upon approval. No use of tobacco products, including smoking (including E-Cigarettes), will be allowed in any buildings, parks and recreation facilities, and inside city vehicles owned by the City of Whiteville. There are no designated smoking areas on city-owned properties. The City will be posting signage in the near future.

The scientific evidence on the health risks associated with tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke are well documented. The City is seeking to enhance the health of our employees and citizens by the implementation of this Ordinance. If you are comfortable about approaching someone you see someone smoking or using tobacco products on or in city properties, please be 1) polite and friendly, 2) assume that the person you are approaching is not aware of the City’s new ordinance, 3) kindly, explain that the use of tobacco and smoking is prohibited on city properties, 4) empathize with the person’s situation, and 5) ask the person to stop smoking or using tobacco products on city property.

For further information, contact Bonnie Williams, City Clerk, 910-642-8046 ext. 1007.


Bonnie Williams